Your Chart, Explained: $60
In this astrology reading I will cast your birth chart and go through and look at how the stars impact you and what you can do to best channel them in your life. This is a very general reading, but it can help you find out what places block you, and how you can get around them.

Your Best Career Path By The Stars: $45
In this astrology reading, I will go into your career sector, and look at what jobs will fulfill your destiny. I will tell you how the stars look for you, and how you can maximize your income potential using them.

Your Relationship By The Stars: $75
In this compatibility reading, I will look at your chart and your partner's chart and tell you the strengths and weaknesses inherent in your relationship. This can help you to shore up weak areas, and to learn if the relationship needs more work. I will also look at each individual chart and discuss the individual aspects that you and your partner bring to your unique relationship.

Special Request
If you have a special request for the runes, please contact me to discuss your needs and pricing.